Most Esteemed Chief Guest and Chairman of Vidyalaya Management Committee, Shri S. Choudhury Ji, Madam Choudhury Ji, Distinguish Members of Vidyalaya Management Committee, Respected Guest, Dignitaries, Press Members, Parents, My dear Colleagues and dearest children.

Ladies and Gentlemen it gives me immense pleasure to stand before you today on the occasion of 29th Annual Day Celebration of KV HPC Panchgram.

At the very outset, I extend a very hearty welcome to our revered chairman Shri S. Choudhury JI C.E. Cachar Paper Mill, who has kindly agreed to grace the occasion in spite of his busy schedule. I am extremely pleased to welcome all the dignitaries and parents presents today from the core of my heart for their benign presence to motivate the morals of our children.

I also extend the warm welcome to the members of VMC, Media Persons, Members of KV HPC Family and all others present in this august gathering.

Ladies and Gentlemen I deem it a great privilege and honour and also my sacred  duty to place before this gathering the Annual Report of KV HPC Panchgram for the year 2013-14, depicting few facts and multifarious constructive activities going on in this Vidyalaya throughout this academic session.


Kendriya Vidyalaya HPC Panchgram has been awarded with a Trophy and Certificate of Excellence by Honourable Additional Commissioner (Academics) as the Best Performing School of the Silchar Region for securing Highest P.I. in AISSCE 2013 Examination. Moreover 11 Students of Class X have got 10 CGPA in AISSE 2013 Examination, for which they have been awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 5,000 each by KVS. Similarly 3 Students of class XII made us proud by getting A1 Grade in AISSCE 2013 Examination and they have also been awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 5,000 each by KVS. This could be made possible because of the sincere and dedicated commitment of the all the teaching staff and the students,

We expect better performance this year also because of planned and systematic road map prepared by our teaching faculty, valued cooperation from parents, guidance and academic support by the KVS, RO Silchar. Children of our Vidyalaya have participated in all competitions like Children Science Congress, Regional Science and Social Science Competition, Junior Maths Olympiad, National Talent Search Exams, Youth Parliament and others. Ms. Subhangi Ojha of class X has been awarded a cash prize of Rs. 5,000 by Ministry of Science and Technology for preparing a Science Project.


During this session we organized our Annual Sports Day on 16th December, 2013 in a befitting manner in which almost all students participated in different sports events with great interest.

Our school got the distinguished recognition of organising Regional Sports Meet for Boys in T.T., Kho-Kho, Chess, Kabaddi and Badminton. 8 students from our school participated in the National Sports Meet held at Chandigarh. U-19 Kho-Kho Team of our school was the Regional Champion. U-19 T.T. and Badminton got the Second position. Apart from this students of our school have brought laurels to our Vidyalaya by participating in various competitions held at Badarpur, Hailakandi and Silchar.


In order to promote community services, Truthfulness, Honesty, Selflessness and other Human Values the school is organising different Scouts and Guides Activities from time to time.

Eight Scouts and Guides from our school added one more feather to our school’s cap by participating in the Rajya Purskar held at KV IIM Joka (Kolkata).

Apart from this Nine Students from our school participated in Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp held at KV Lumding and Four Students participated in Golden Jublee Rally held at KV Lucknow Cantt.





The school has organized “Hindi Pakhwara” in the month of September, 2013, in which different competitions were held to make the students understand the importance of “Raj-Bhasha”. The “Raj-Bhasha” implementation committee is also functioning with all sorts of dynamism with the co-operation of HPC at the local level. Many official correspondence are also made in Hindi.


The Vidyalaya has the full calendar of Co-Curricular activities to train and also to give opportunities to our budding talents to express themselves and to channelize their energy and creative pursuits. These activities will definitely go a long way in promoting qualities of leadership, spirit of Cooperation and brotherhood and to inculcate the social, moral, cultural and aesthetic values.

The Vidyalaya Morning Assembly gives opportunity to each child to face the audience of peers and to develop the skill of public speaking. It is aimed at fostering the spirit of Indian-ness and selfless service to the Nation.

The students receiving the prizes today is a replica of the same. In addition to that the Vidyalaya organize almost all the important dates including Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Thinking Day, Science Day, Youth Day, KVS Foundation, BAL Divas etc. to inculcate the values of Nation building.


You are quite aware of the fact that KVS has celebrated its Golden Jublilee Year in 2013. In this historic year of KVS establishment, we started one e-class room with all modern facilities like Internet Equipped Computer Labs, Magic Studio, Graphic Visualizers and LCD Projectors etc., and had renovated the Computer Labs on priority basis. We are also planning to have an open Math’s Garden to give better exposure to mathematical models and concepts.

The Vidyalaya is committed to maintain a high academic standard with all sorts of basic facilities for the students to unfold their natural talents and potential with the sustained hard work of the dedicated team of Teachers, other employees and your kind cooperation.

Let us therefore work together to bring out such a generation on which we as well as the Nation can be proud of.

Ladies and Gentlemen I once again thank every one of you for your gracious presence and patient hearing. Before I conclude, I would like to quote Robert Frost-

“Woods are Lovely, dark and deep

I have many promises to keep

And miles to go before I sleep

And miles to go before I sleep”

*****Thank You****                                   

****Jai Hind*****